Monday, February 28, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

Did you see the Christchurch earthquake? I did! It was sad. My friends’ uncle lives there. I felt bad for all of the people. It measured 6.3 and its epicenter was at Lyttelton. The Christchurch Cathedral is a disaster because the top of the tower has fallen off. Its a historical building. If I were living in Christchurch I would move to Auckland.


  1. Hi jeryco,

    I like your earthquake story.Keep up the good work.

    By Francis

  2. I Think you can do better then that

  3. Hi Jeryco I like your story about the earthquake it is really cool I want to do a story like that. It is even beater then mine if you know.

  4. thank you for four your coment I can tell you haw to right like that if you want


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