Thursday, July 14, 2011


This week guess where we went? We went to a museum it was filled with old things and that's a clue, do you know we what we did? We went to the museum of transport and technology for short motat.The instructor’s name was Lisa . The first thing we went to is the tactile dome the instructorsaid if you close your eye’s and put your Palm over it that ‘s how dark it is in there !!!we just go four kids at a time I went with Wyatt ,Ruaf Isara, and me I think me and my group were best in the tactile dome.After the tactile dome we went for a look around and play for a little bit the it then it was group went to the arcade games the games are for free that’s cool I wanted to stay but we had to go. and learn about invition’s that were made from a mistake or not she had a machine that the machine was a vacuum that’s cool it plays songs. At the end we were so tied I went home and I went to sleep.